Glazing – Painting Workshop

There are different mediums for painting/coloring. Each medium has its own properties and techniques. Even painting any subject has different techniques and challenges. Most of us mix and match colors directly and paint our subjects. Concept of layering or glazing is known to many of us. If you are wondering what and how, then this workshop is for you.
Glazing has been there for years. In this workshop, you will learn about color wheel, mixing different values of colors, how complementary colors are used, mixing shadow colors, glazing technique and its advantages and applications. During this workshop, the comparisons of the same will also be explained with other mediums.

By using glazing technique, you will complete a beautiful painting using acrylic medium. Not only you will take home your masterpiece, you will also gain valuable knowledge which can be used for your future painting.
All materials will be provided and you can take home only your beautiful masterpiece.

Raju Dyapur ( has masters in Information Systems Engineering from Cardiff University, UK. Even after working abroad in IT for over 20 years, his love towards drawing and painting has never diminished. His experience in drawing/fine art comes from his learning in school and college and the training he got from private lessons in Russia. His strong demonstration in learning and dedication has lead to teaching.
Just before he changed his career as full time teaching in Fine Art and Vedic Mathematics, he returned back to India in 2014. He has conducted workshops in other countries for more than 6 years and he has been conducting workshops in India since 2014.
His students range from different backgrounds including working professionals, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, movie editors, 3D designers etc.

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Date & Time: 08-Oct-2017 10:30am – 2:00pm
Price: Rs.1300
Age group: 9+ yeas
Venue: Atta Galatta

Raju Dyapur’s art work was selected for an exhibition at WTC Hague Gallery, Netherlands
Raju Dyapur was the 7th finalist, a competition held by World Citizen Artist in 2016
His recent workshop at Atta Galatta was also featured on TV9 & NEWS9

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A commissioned painting, getting ready to be shipped.

Lots of reference photos were given but the other subjects such as horse, dog and geese were put in.

Acrylic painting

Size: 12″ x 36″


Painting Workshop
In this painting event participants will be using acrylic paints to paint on pre-cut and trimmed glass bottles.
You will be taught how to prepare the surface using different tools, paint a composition and finally decorate your masterpiece. The concepts can be used further to make your own pieces.
Many of the students who attended this workshop before have used their bottles for planting flower plants, as a decorating piece, pen/pencil stands, as a vase, spoon stands and even as a gift.
Note: All the needed materials will be provided and you can take home only your masterpiece.
You will be guided with every step of the entire process by Raju Dyapur.

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Date & Time: 17-Sep-2017 10:30am – 1:30pm
Price: Rs.800
Age group: 6+ yeas
Venue: Lahe Lahe, Bangalore