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Why Art Classes?
This is one of the main questions we need to ask ourselves. Whey do we have to indulge ourselves into art. Is it because of our interest, passion, career or something else.
Evidence shows that arts education provides students with the skills to think creatively, to innovate, and to become tenacious learners ready to solve complex problems—all skills that employers are increasingly looking for in the 21st century.

At younger age students who get a quality arts education are:

* 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
* Have lower rates of behaviorial problems
* Have higher attendance rates
* Have higher graduation rates

* Aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation

At-risk students who have access to the arts also tend to have better academic results, better career opportunities, and more civic engagement, according to the NEA’s new report, The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth.

Note:Classes are held for both children and adults.
Drawing Classes
Painting Classes