Painting Workshop – Glass Painting

Painting Workshop
In this painting event participants will be using acrylic paints to paint on pre-cut and trimmed glass bottles.
You will be taught how to prepare the surface using different tools, paint a composition and finally decorate your masterpiece. The concepts can be used further to make your own pieces.
Many of the students who attended this workshop before have used their bottles for planting flower plants, as a decorating piece, pen/pencil stands, as a vase, spoon stands and even as a gift.
Note: All the needed materials will be provided and you can take home only your masterpiece.
You will be guided with every step of the entire process by Raju Dyapur.

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Date & Time: 17-Sep-2017 10:30am – 1:30pm
Price: Rs.800
Age group: 6+ yeas
Venue: Lahe Lahe, Bangalore

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